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Thank you for your interest in the Wilco Whiskey Club. Members receive in-store and online promotions on bourbons, whiskeys and more. WilcoWhiskey is free to join and there is no purchase necessary to participate. On behalf of Jamie and the entire Roger Wilco staff we would like to welcome you to WilcoWhiskey.

Interested in purchasing any of our Wilco Barrel Select Bourbon's, click here


What is a Bottle Drop?


A Bottle Drop is our name for our online Allocated Bottle Lotteries.  To participate in the Drop you must be at least 21 years old and you must fill out the Allocated Bottle Drop Form by clicking on the button contained within the email or on our webpage.   Registration for a Drop will close about 30min prior to the time of the drawing (unless specified otherwise).  All winners will be chosen at random from all entries received. The drawing will be broadcasted live on our Facebook page so please Like our page and agree to notifications so you can watch the Live drawing!  Good Luck!


Only one allocated bottle purchase allowed per household. Final sale approval will be approved by Roger Wilco Staff. Bottle is forfeit if not picked up within 7 days.

If you have questions regarding our allocated drop program please email us at

Hey Friends!

Unfortunately due to current events with the world, PA and NJ are experiencing terrible air quality. We really should be staying indoors with these conditions anyway. To be considerate to Mr. LeGrand and my Whiskey Friends... I am deciding to postpone this event until it is much safer to travel.

To keep our spirits high, at 3pm I will do a bottle drop for Blood Oath Pact #9 on Roger's FaceBook Live today!

Stay Safe!

Kentucky's Best Day and Treasure Hunt was an outstanding time with you all!  Thank you so much for attending and not destroying my store in the process haha. Major shout out to Richon H. and Angie L. for setting everything up, the store looked stunning. I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed the food and drinks...I know I did.

- Jamie

During our Dalmore Wilco Whiskey Tasting Event we were visited by Rich Shane and Dawn Ranieri from The Fermented Adventure podcast.  Listen to our interview here. Rich and Dawn were fantastic and we had a great time.  Rich is so full of energy and so friendly that he could get anyone to talk!  (I sound like  a yutz, however, and that had nothing to do with Rich.  - Jamie)

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